Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Letter of the Day: December 7 (1 of 2)

Vicksburg, Miss.

Dec 7 1868


Dear Col.


I have collected more than three hundred specimens, some of which are valuable, while others, I fear, may be deemed quite worthless. The pottery is fragile and the skulls are exceedingly frail, and though I have packed these articles which much care I am unwilling to forward them to you as ordinary freight without first asking your advice. While some of them may go safe enough I feel that others should be intrusted (sic) to the care of an express agent.


The field of observation in this valey (sic) is exceedingly large and I find I have only just broken ground. I feel assured of being able to make many and very valuable discoveries even with the means at my disposal. I have thus far procured details of soldiers and have expended about eighteen dollars. I think I could use five hundred to advantage. The fifty has not been received.


Very Respectfully

Yours +c

Eben Swift

Surg U.S.A.


To Geo. A. Otis

Bt. Lt. Col. + A. Surg U.S.A.

Curator Army Med + Surg. Museum

Washington D.C.

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