Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Letter of the Day: January 19 (1 of 2)

Microsoft continually corrected the spelling in this letter, and it was easier to go along with it.

Washington D.C. Jan 19th 1887


Dr Yarrow assistant Surgeon U.S.A.




This is the list of things I can furnish for the lunch room in case no cooking is allowed in the Building


Cold ham

Bread & Butter


Pies & cakes


Puddings & milk

Corned Beef



If I am allowed to have a gas stove I will have hot tea coffee & chocolate and hot soup and oysters.


And if I am allowed to cook in the Building I can furnish Beef steak, mutton chops, hot bread & cakes & omelets and vegetables if needed. And I wish to say that all the heaviest cooking will be done at my residence such as soup & pies, or other things that would be offensive. I can have a variety of other thins if I find that I can sell them.


Yours respct.

C.W. Procter

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