Sunday, January 23, 2011

Letter of the Day: January 23

No. 13

S.G.O. Jany 23d 1863


The S.G. directs that accurate notes be taken of the progress of the cases when names are returned on the Enclosed list. All of these patients were until recently under the care of Surg. Squire, at the Locust Spring Hospl. Md. The date of transfer to your hospital, is marked opposite to the name of each patient. As Surg. Squire has already furnished most valuable records of these patients up to the period of transfer, it is exceedingly desirable that the observations subsequent to that date should in each instance be accurate and minute.

Very resply your. Obt servt
By order of the S.G.
JHB [John Hill Brinton]
Surg USA

To Surg. Van der Kieft
Smoketown Genl. Hospl. U.S.A.
Near Sharpsburg Md

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