Thursday, January 20, 2011

Letter of the Day: January 20



20 January 1956


Dr. William H. Feldman

Mayo Foundation

University of Minnesota Graduate School

Rochester, Minnesota


Dear Doctor Feldman:


Dr. Messimy sent us a photograph of Professor Cornil and also one of the base of a monument to Cornil. He states that the statues which was on the base was destroyed during the war. This monument was near Vichy. We are enclosing copies of these two photographs, if you wish additional copies to add to your report, please let us know.


We also enclose the other photographs which you need for extra copies of the report.


A copy of the letter sent Dr. Delarue is enclosed. I hope the slides reach us safely.


With best regards

Sincerely yours,


Hugh R. Gilmore, Jr.

Colonel, MC, USA


Medical Museum, AFIP


Encl: Photographs

Cc letter to Dr. Delarue


Overall this probably refers to OHA 140 Cornil Sketchbooks - Two volumes of pencil and watercolor sketches of syphilitic lesions and pathological histology by Dr. Victor Cornil (1837-1908), a Paris pathologist who participated in the autopsy of John Paul Jones in 1905. In the 1950s the AFIP obtained some of the materials from the autopsy. The collection also includes a report of this recovery effort. Related material in Historical Collections (acc. #517,588).

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