Thursday, January 27, 2011

Letter of the Day: January 27

No. 160 7 Vere St
Philada Jany. 27, 1868.

Bvt Lieut. Col. George A. Otis.
U. S. Army

My Dear Sir.

It is now been several years since I have had the pleasure of seeing you, although graduating at the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania on the same day, spring of 1857- And also being associated with you at Princeton College, I in the class of '47 you were in the class of '49.

Many very many changes have taken place since those memorable days at old Nassau. The rebellion has made sad havoc among the Alumni of Princeton as the records prove.

Dr. Boher of your class (1622 Chestnut Rd) is now practicing, and the same kind hearted fellow as in days of yore, still a bachelor. Ian Robb, recently married is at the Philadelphia Bar and is ranked among the best of his contemporaries in the legal profession. Johnny Vanderkamp still resides in Paris, [illegible] often as about every two years, as allowed by little. Rudolph[?] + Louis Paul both educated as physicians, neither of whom are practicing nor never have. They have a competence, hence are not compelled to work at slavish professions like many others of us, with but poor remunerations for services rendered. These are all of your class whom at present , I can recall as residing in our city save Juglean[?], your first union man who has left the Bar and is President of a Coal Company . Will you oblige me, if it is within your province without inconvenience at the department, by sending to the enclosed address a copy of the very useful Catalog of the Army Medical Museum recently published under your supervision. I have copies of Circular No 5, 6, +7 sent me on application to Sug Generl Office. The catalogue I was of [illegible] would not be so liberally distributed hence my appeal to you. During the rebellion I was an attending surgeon at the Satterlee U S Hospital for a short time. Whenever you visit our city I would be happy to have a visit from you. Dr. Boher and myself contemplate visiting Washington as delegates to Nat Med Ass in May next - Hoping you may be [illegible] to grant my request

Very Respectfully yours,
A.H. Irish

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