Monday, January 24, 2011

Letter of the Day: January 24

No. 14
S.G.O. Washington D.C.
January 24th 1863


In examining the very interesting history of the Hospital in Baltimore formerly under your charge; I see that you allude to some future Surgical report which will include notes of cases +c.

I am exceedingly desirous of collecting for the “Surgical History of the War,” as many such memoirs & monographs as possible. Would it be possible for you to furnish a resume of the Surgical facts connected with the Hospital during the time you were in charge? Of course such a paper would appear in print, in the form in which it was written, and as your report. I should especially wish your experience as to Resection in continuity; & as to Teales’ amputation, & Symes. If you have any drawings of interest they could readily be cut in wood or stone.

Very Truly Yours
J.H.B. [John Hill Brinton]
Surgeon U.S. Vols.

Asst. Surgeon Bartholow, U.S.A.

Dr. Hasson’s consolidated Report for the months of September-December, 1862, is in the office., He reports 9 cases of Symes. You mention 2. Yours were I suppose done first, and were not included in his enumerations.

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