Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Letter of the Day: January 26 (RMS Jackson Collection)

Off. P. MG of E. Tenn

Knoxville Tenn.

Jan. 26/64


Respectfully referred to Dr. Jackson Medical Director of E. Tenn.

By order of Brig Genl Carter






Med. Dir. D. E. Tenn.

Knoxville Jan’y 26th 1864


Respectfully referred to Capt. Huntington A.G.M. Act. Chief Q.M. Dept. of the Ohio.

RMS Jackson

Surgeon USA.

Med. Director

E. Tenn.


Knoxville. Jany. 25th 64

Brig. Genl. Carter,




The following is the cost of my house that the U. States government has taken possession of on last Saturday, for an hospital


Via original cost      $ 750.00

My improvements 1650.00



Dr. Genl.

My family is large + now houseless consisting of 6 persons. I am anxious for the Government to purchase it, and am willing to sell it for the above Amt. as my family will not live in it hereafter, when once occupied as a  Small Pox hospital.


I think I have been handled very roughly, for a true union man. I was ordered out, with short notice, without making any provision for my family, whatever.


My loyalty, I have and can prove by Messrs A. G. Jackson Col., Jno. Williams, S. Morrow, J. Baxter, +c. +c.


Genl. I appeal to you , to do something for me, as my self + family will have to suffer, unless there is something done for me very soon.




Geo. W. Fagan.


Brig. Genl. S.P. Carter


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